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Stop the hurt. Begin the healing.  



Tulsa County's child-friendly advocacy center delivers a highly effective model for child abuse investigation.

The Child Abuse Network (CAN) exists to reduce the trauma that a child abuse investigation can pose for the child. Before our program came into being, children frequently endured stressful examinations and numerous interviews by various agencies, often in cold, sterile facilities.

Today CAN delivers a highly effective alternative, bringing multiple agencies together in a single, safe and comforting environment for children in crisis. CAN enables medical, mental health, investigative and legal professionals to work together under one roof, to provide less traumatic investigation and to determine whether child abuse has occurred.

For an abused child, adjusting to life after abuse is difficult.

CAN helps begin the healing.


If you suspect abuse, call


    Oklahoma hotline     (800) 522-3511
    National hotline     (800) 4ACHILD [(800) 422-4453]


Upcoming Events:

Save the Date: 2nd Annual CAN Superhero Challenge is set for Sunday, March 29, 2015. For more information on becoming a Sponsor, please download the Sponsorship Proposal.


Save the Date: 4th Annual CANdlelight Ball is set for Saturday, April 25, 2015, at The Mayo Hotel. For more information on becoming a Sponsor, contact the Development office at events@childabsuenetwork.org or 918-624-0201.



A note about the child-models on this web site and in our printed materials: All of the people and children in the photos on this site are volunteers; the children are all models photographed with the expressed permission of their legal guardian(s) or parent(s). All of the scenes/photographs have been posed; none of them depict actual incidents or refer to specific cases. In order to protect children and their confidentiality, absolutely no children who receive/received our services or their families were used on this site or in our informational brochures.

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Since 1988, more than 33,000 children have received services at CAN.